TB in Badgers provokes new cull

The government have announced a new cull to stop the spread of bovine TB. The cull is highly controversial and has been the subject of bitter dispute between its proponents and those who think it is cruel and will not be effective. However, a government spokesperson said extensive scientific research has shown that a cull is the only way to stop the spread of Bovine TB to Badgers. Sir David Varney, president of the Wildlife Protection Trust, welcomed the cull; ‘At long last this government has acknowledged the importance of our indigenous wildlife, and is taking action to protect these beautiful, natural creatures from the effects of intensive farming practices on their habitat.’ But a spokesperson for the National Union of Farmers warned that many of its members would refuse to co-operate. He called on the government to guarantee compensation for its members, many of whose livelihoods will be threatened.
The government intends to begin culling cattle on 1st November. The target figure of 100,000 animals is expected to be reached within four months, and it is likely to be another twelve months before the beneficial effects in the badger population begin to be seen.

Report reproduced with the kind permission of The Fictional Morning Herald (a parallel universe publication)

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