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I’m sad to say my experience of Kindle self-publishing hasn’t quite matched that of the successful people Amazon wheel out in their regular newsletter (‘I was an ordinary hobooksaleuse-husband/builder/shop assistant, etc. and then I wrote a novel, published it on Kindle and now I’m selling millions of copies worldwide…’)

I don’t suppose my little book comes anywhere near the top of keyword searches, and on the rare occasion when someone has scrolled far enough down the list to see it they’ve generally decided not to give it a go. You could say people are discounting it. Well, I’ve decided to follow the old adage that if you can’t beat them, join them, by discounting the book myself – I’ve reduced the price by a significant margin. Yes, roll up, roll up ladies and gents, ‘Single Point Perspective’ is now on the market not for 2.99 of your American dollars (GBP price according to exchange rate) not even for $1.99. No, believe it or not you can now buy your copy for a limited time offer price (probably the foreseeable future) of just 99 cents. Available at all good bookshops (well, OK; just online at Amazon for now).

Link to Single Point Perspective on

Link to Single Point Perspective on

Just in case you’ve not come across it before, Single Point Perspective is a moving and engaging story of everyday lives in and around Manchester; a well told tale of drama and intrigue, with a fair helping of humour. To quote one of the reviewers on Amazon:

‘Excellent book – best I’ve read in quite a while.’

(Thanks Rich: I owe you a fiver.)

Why have I reduced the price? Well, I recently read of an author whose book wasn’t selling, but when she reduced the price of her novel significantly, it started selling well. So I thought, you never know, it could work for me.

Have any of you fellow writers tried reducing the price of your books? If so, what effect did it have on your sales?

About literarylad

Graham Wright is a freelance writer and author. His first novel, Single Point Perspective, is set in and around the city of Manchester, where he lived and worked for more than fifteen years. His second, Moojara, is set in and around the world, but mostly centres on Perth, Western Australia. Both are works of dramatic literary fiction - imaginative, serious and thoughtful, but with a sense of humour. Graham is currently living in north Shropshire, where he is busy working on novel number three.
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2 Responses to Book Sale

  1. L. M. Webb says:

    Your book looks really interesting. I’ve downloaded the sample to try. I think ‘general’ fiction is a really difficult category for indie authors to get noticed in. I’m assuming from the ‘similar items by category’ at the bottom of your book’s Amazon page that you categorised the book as ‘Fiction > General’ on the KDP book details page. When I recently published my own first book I couldn’t fit it into any of the listed genres, and I think that puts it at a disadvantage as far as visibility. Good luck with the price reduction. I hope it works out well for you.

    • literarylad says:

      Hi, Thank you. Yes, I’ve never liked being categorised. I think I’ve always been something of an outsider. I don’t know if I should have used a different category. So much writing now is classified within a particular genre – fantasy, young adult, police procedural, etc. whereas I mostly just write about people. Publishers seem to think you need a gimmick; I think it should be enough that writing is good and honest.

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