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Graham Wright is an author whose first novel, Single Point Perspective, is set in and around the city of Manchester, where he lived and worked for more than fifteen years. It's a dramatic piece of literary fiction that is easy to read, imaginative, serious and thoughtful, but with a sense of humour. Graham now lives in South Wales, and is busy writing his second novel.

The Rabbit that decided the Election

It’s still not clear how a rabbit got into the cabinet room. And in fairness to the then Prime Minister, it had been a difficult meeting. Her ministers didn’t like the new policies they had been made to announce, as the election drew … Continue reading

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The Short Story as Abstract Art

They say that in art, it’s impossible to be truly original. There can be nothing new, because everything has been done before. But in the world of fiction writing, some people are going to extreme lengths to make their writing different. Maybe their … Continue reading

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Climate Change at Kew Gardens

Twenty-Two degrees in March – it can’t be right, This could be Lisbon rather than London, Kuwait instead of Kew, Richmond Jamaica. The tropical plants photosynthesise joyfully In the humid hothouses, Where menopausal women pull at their blouses, Complaining about … Continue reading

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Airbrushing Easter

Apparently some church people have accused the National Trust of airbrushing Easter. I wondered what they were worried about – after all, airbrushes do give a nice smooth effect. Maybe, I thought, they don’t want the NT to use airbrushes because … Continue reading

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Fool’s Gold?

There’s a particular advert in the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook – a book that I’ve been making good use of recently – that I can’t seem to keep from seeing, because the book rather annoyingly falls open on that page. It’s for a … Continue reading

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Writing Is Taking Over My Life…

I wouldn’t mind, but there are a few other things I’d like to have some time for. Eating and sleeping, for instance. OK, it’s not actually that bad, but I think it is getting out of hand. I’ve spent quite a … Continue reading

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No Need to Plant More Trees

It’s often put forward as a good way to help ameliorate man-made global warming, but we don’t need to plant more trees.

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