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What was it I came upstairs for…

I used to think the old folk were making something out of nothing when they complained about forgetting what they went upstairs for. I used to think I’d always done that, even when I was young. Let’s face it, we’ve … Continue reading

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10 Great Ways to Beat the Coronavirus…

 Ridicule. Cut the coronavirus down to size with some well-placed mocking. By abbreviating the name from Covid-19 to just C19, you can turn it from a deadly virus into a rubbish cassette tape.               … Continue reading

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Chick Lit

Our new house came with some unusual accessories – the previous owners left us some chickens. And to help us work out how to look after them; their collection of chic lit. Say hello to ‘Your Chickens’ magazine! I can’t … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding? What bloody Royal wedding?

I’m sorry to rain on peoples’ parade (though the royals have been reigning on mine for as long as I can remember) but I’ve no interest in the royal wedding. In fact, not only am I not interested, I positively … Continue reading

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And the award for disservices to music goes to…

…Rap                                                       Trends in pop music are traditionally very short-lived. Be-Bop, Rock and Roll, Mersey beat, The Mods, Glam Rock and many others had their few years and then slipped into minority interest. In the 1970’s, Disco inexplicably appeared to have achieved world … Continue reading

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Theremin Trap

I don’t intend to write film reviews on a regular basis, but I’ve been inspired to write one now by a film that I saw at the weekend, called ‘Frank’. It’s a dark, funny and very unusual film, which was … Continue reading

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