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Charles Bradlaugh: Forgotten Hero?

If you haven’t heard of the Victorian freethinker and rights campaigner Charles Bradlaugh, it’s probably because the establishment have done their best to write him out of history. Bradlaugh was an atheist at a time when atheists were expected to stand … Continue reading

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Airbrushing Easter

Apparently some church people have accused the National Trust of airbrushing Easter. I wondered what they were worried about – after all, airbrushes do give a nice smooth effect. Maybe, I thought, they don’t want the NT to use airbrushes because … Continue reading

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First Sunrise

This New Year’s Day started wet and grey, and it seemed like a bad omen – a sign that 2017 was going to continue in the same vein as 2016. But then the rain cleared. This morning I woke up and watched the … Continue reading

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The Inquisition may be History, but The Church is still an Oppressor

A nurse was recently dismissed from the Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust for repeated inappropriate behaviour towards patients. Sarah Kuteh claims that she simply offered to pray with patients that she dealt with in the surgical pre-assessment unit. However, the … Continue reading

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First Reading

Last week, I did the first ever public reading of my work. It was at the monthly meeting of the Cardiff Humanists group, to which I’ve been going for more than a year now (Cardiff Humanists). The theme for this month’s meeting … Continue reading

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Why should god have all the best buns?

Hmm, hot cross buns. Or as us secularists like to call them; tea cakes. Here in the literary lad household we’re not religious, but we do rather like the Easter bunny, who died on Watership down to save us all, … Continue reading

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Can Atheists endure Christmas?

So, it’s over, the thing known as Xmas; that temporary distraction from the cold, wet, bleak British winter. This year I’m feeling somewhat more relieved about that than usual. Maybe I’m getting paranoid in my old age, but this Christmas … Continue reading

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