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The Unbearable Weight of Human Beings…

A recent study by the Weizmann Institute of science has been widely reported in the press. It found that ‘Wild land mammals weigh less than 10% of the combined weight of humans’. Now, curious minds will be wondering just how … Continue reading

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What Can Writers Do About Climate Change?

It’s hard to comprehend the ability of supposedly well-educated, intelligent people to shut out the blatantly obvious. Britain holds the Presidency for COP26, and at the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow at the end of last year, our leaders … Continue reading

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Nero fiddles, while Rome burns…

So, it’s over. COP 26 – possibly the largest gathering of world leaders, advisors, scientists, lobbyists and general hangers on the world has ever seen. Indicative of what was to come, some of the first reporting was of Joe Biden’s … Continue reading

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Stupid Human Part One – Burning the Amazon

We are the third most intelligent species on the planet [1.] our big brains a miracle of evolution. We’ve developed vaccines to defeat disease, held nature at bay, created incredible machines, landed on the moon, and sent satellites out into … Continue reading

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No Need to Plant More Trees

It’s often put forward as a good way to help ameliorate man-made global warming, but we don’t need to plant more trees.

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First Sunrise

This New Year’s Day started wet and grey, and it seemed like a bad omen – a sign that 2017 was going to continue in the same vein as 2016. But then the rain cleared. This morning I woke up and watched the … Continue reading

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Population Overload

Earlier this week it was reported that, as a result of a large rise in the birth rate over the past few years, the UK is desperately short of primary school places. For me, the most surprising and worrying aspect … Continue reading

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