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The Post of Xmas Past…

…and present, and future. Christmas! A time when millions of Britons take time out from their busy lives to worship at the altar of gluttony, binge drinking and conspicuous consumption. A time when, for once, we can briefly forget about … Continue reading

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No Need to Plant More Trees

It’s often put forward as a good way to help ameliorate man-made global warming, but we don’t need to plant more trees.

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Book Review – The Establishment…

…And how they get away with it.  By Owen Jones.                         This was not an easy book to read; not calming or uplifting. Jones sets out a tale of how, over … Continue reading

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Where have all the trees gone…?

The green revolution starts at home. Or at least it should. The reality is, we’re going in the wrong direction. Every week now, as I walk, cycle, or drive around my neighbourhood I see more gardens being denuded of plant … Continue reading

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