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Writing Is Taking Over My Life…

I wouldn’t mind, but there are a few other things I’d like to have some time for. Eating and sleeping, for instance. OK, it’s not actually that bad, but I think it is getting out of hand. I’ve spent quite a … Continue reading

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It’s Art if I Say it is…

Last month I visited the newly extended and refurbished Whitworth Gallery in Manchester. (Whitworth Gallery) I remember the Whitworth as an impressive red brick Victorian building with an interesting collection. The Whitworth now is a curious monster. The Victorian building is … Continue reading

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Book Sale

I’m sad to say my experience of Kindle self-publishing hasn’t quite matched that of the successful people Amazon wheel out in their regular newsletter (‘I was an ordinary house-husband/builder/shop assistant, etc. and then I wrote a novel, published it on … Continue reading

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Manchester Green Spaces

Just what have Manchester City Council got against green spaces? First there was Piccadilly Gardens. The only large park in the city itself. Decades of neglect turned it into a haven for drug dealers. Finally Manchester City Council decided to … Continue reading

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Free short stories, and Manchester

I’ve put one of my short stories on the downloads page of the blog. Called ‘Outside’, it’s just over 5,000 words long and, like the novel (but not all my writing!) set in Manchester. Anyone who knows the city may have fun identifying … Continue reading

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